MMCW for LW 7.5

Originally post on the Newtek forums Thursday, January 24, 2002 – 02:48 pm:

I’m working on a new plugin called the “Make My Character Walk” button. The main parameters are determining the characters sex, amount of realism desired and speed. The fourth parameter is Type,
which presents options for the type of walk. Here is a screen shot…

Here are some of the other types available.

  • Walk–>Menacingly – options include “In A Rush”, “Pacing Around The Good Guy” and “Pacing Around the Bridge/Castle/Evil Fortress”
  • Walk–>Happy – options include “Studly Strut”, “Merry Skip”, and “Gotta Get to the Theatre to see the latest George Lucas (ahem) Masterpiece”
  • Walk–>Guarding my really cool Evil Fortress

    (which works in conjunction with the “Build Really Cool Evil Fortress” plugin)

  • Walk–>Drunken Stagger – input variables of “How Much Alcohol” and “Over How Much Time”

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help posting it. I created that image recently, when my boss was bugging me about not having a character textured and rigged for animation (it was later that same day).

Feel free to pass it around, especially if you have someone sitting over your shoulder when working.

Well, that about does it. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this by dropping me a line at, (or if you thought it was a waste of bandwidth, but if so, then why did you read the whole thing 🙂