Canada Pirate Haven?

Today marks the first time that the United States has marked Canada as a ‘priority’ problem in the fight against i

Gulf War Dance

Dug up this little ditty that shows the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Release Date May 11th

This should bump up release times for new 6.5 devices, and clear the way for Windows Mobile 7 development. Not afraid of hacki

Ash Sham Wow

Youtube video Have another AshRants video extravaganza here. This time it’s remixing corporate weasels with Vince of Sha

Giant Alien Squid Invade Japan, Tokyo Spared.

The above is an official tourism video for the city of Hakodate, Japan. Giant squid battling giant robots with local landmarks

OnLive: The Future of Gaming? Probably Not.

A new online gaming service called OnLive was announced this week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), promising a new way

This is part of an animation side project I’ve been working on. The site is finished, and the first couple of animations

The Return Of True Horror?

One can hope. It’s been a long time coming, but Sam Raimi is back helming a horror movie about a witch who puts a curse

Asphalt Potato Back And Banging On The Bailouts!

Been working with Ash on the latest video lately. The project is a wrap, and so is his own personal website at E

Beatles On Rock Band

One of the great rock and roll hold outs in the digital age has been The Beatles. Rumours of the Fab Four hitting the mp3 stor

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