Ethical First Person Shooting?

A new twist on playing Call of Duty: When 13-year-old Evan Spencer wanted to play the ultraviolent video game Call of Duty, hi

Twitter Back On Bell… For A Price

Some months ago, Twitter removed its SMS based service in Canada, citing high costs. Now the service is back on Bell, but will


First saw this link posted by warrenellis over at Twitter… The best horror-musical since Evil Dead: The Musical. The vid

Mobile Interface Demos – From MWC 2009

I’ve already posted on rgbFilter about the graphics power of Nvidia’s long awaited Tegra platform that should appe

Resistive Touchscreens: The Future Of Input???

Stantum’s TouchPark demo (includes video) shows a standard resistive touchscreen handling multitouch, pressure sensitivi

Oxford thinks kids prefer “mp3 player” over “beaver”

Oxford’s 10,000 definition limit ‘Junior’ dictionary seems more obsolete than the 150+ words they excised fr

Neal Stephenson on Anathem

Neal Stephenson talks about the Long Now foundation, concepts in Anathem, his writing process and a whole lot more. If youR

Wall Street Journal Welcomes iPhone Overlords

The Wall Street Journal has raised the spectre of smartphones replacing laptops, not even realising, it seems, that it is a sp

Isohunt Suing The CRIA

Earlier this year the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) sent a Cease And Desist letter to popular torrent seach s

Garfield Minus Garfield coming to bookstores near you.

G-G is the hilarious experiment: What happens when you take Garfield out of Garfield strips? Well it turns out you get a much,

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