Apocalipstix Interview With Ray Fawkes and Cameron Stewart

This past Wednesday, we at rgbFilter went to the Toronto launch party for the new comic The Apocalipstix by writer Ray Fawkes

Bell launches a new ad campaign, just in time for Olympics

Tomorrow Bell will unveil its new branding with a 60-second television ad during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Summer

Canadian Band The Craft Economy hates bill C-61

IN an effort to let the world know that they think copyright laws are teh stupid, Toronto indie band The Craft Economy has dec

XBOX LIVE comes to your PC. For FREE.

Now you can play your 360 against a dude on his PC over XBOX LIVE. For FREE. Did I mention FREE?!? read more | digg story

The Mojave Experiment goes public

Microsoft pulls a “Folger’s Crystals” on Vista Hat3rs; turns out not ever using an OS is no basis on which t

Canada’s Wireless Spectrum Ends: Cheaper Service To Come?

It’s going to take a while to see what kind of impact the new entrants will have on wireless services. Let’s just hope tha

Warning about RED Beta Build 16 for the RED Digital Camera

Make sure you back up your media cards, as the Beta 16 firmware will require reformatting your media. Also, you can’t ro

Fanboys declare Dark Knight as the ‘Greatest Movie Ever!’

Not only has The Dark Knight achieved a record highest opening weekend ever, but the film is now “officially” the “Great

Grassroots Growing Over Bill C-61

There are a growing number of options for Canadians to fight Bill C-61, the Great White North’s version of the US DMCA.

Rock Band 2 on Display

Customized set lists! Online Battle of the Bands! I personally can’t wait til the Ion drum kit is available, with individual

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