Hypothetially Speaking: Comics

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, blog about it. Seriously, my buddy Paul (of The Laroquod Experiment) recently releas

Special Effects Done! aka One Skinned Cat

Last week I handed over the final special effects for Dave King-Pin Lei’s feature film debut, “Killing Schrodinger

RLA tutorial update… plus updates in general.

For some time now, my most popular links have been to my tutorial on using the RLA image format rendered from Newtek’s L


Comedy Central has been hyping it’s Motherload online video clips for a while now. In an effort to be ‘tech savvy&

Nvidia Quadro Drool Fest

At the latest GDC conference, Nvidia announced the latest additions to it’s professional line of graphics cards, the Qua

Babylon 5: Lost Tales production

Being a long time fan of the show Babylon 5, it’s great to know that they’re making a new series. CGSociety is doi

Colbert Flaccid… with RAGE!

Though the bit is funny in it’s own right, the fact that Comedy Central seems to “get” this Web 2.0 embedded

Spiders on drugs

From the archives of Environment Canada’s Hinterland Who’s Who. Watch and enjoy as mean hearted scientist types ex

A Flurry Of Posts

In the next little while, there’s going to be a plethora of new posts on the site, though not any new content. I’v

Da Weaze at Christmas

Every year, the studio I work at puts out a little Christmas animation. Every year, it seems that the time to get it out the d

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