Bah Humbug!

The past few weeks have been a server administration nightmare, with both the main server, and the backup dying horrible death

A May Day Mystery Update

Since 1981, a series of cryptic ads have been placed in the Arizona Daily Wildcat at least once a year on May 1st, by a group

How BitTorrent Works

The next time you’re at a party and somebody asks you how the BitTorrent protocol works, you could launch into an explan

New videos, plus random updates

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. To make it up to you all, let me take you to the movies for 10 min

Does Linklater See Clearly…

Or darkly? I’d say the former, in his adaptation of A Scanner Darkly. Clear as day. I don’t intend on doing a movi


Well, it’s official, my good buddy King Pin has finalized the trailer for his first feature length film. You can pop ove

Meteor Collision Simulation

At first I thought this was cool, just because it’s fun to watch, and I dig the Japanese narration. Then I found out tha

Cellphone radiation? Phffft!

Ever since the cellphone has become ubiquitous, so have reports about the dangers of cellphone radiation, with mixed results.

Electronic Voting Fraud – Redux.

Ever since the contentious 2003 US Presidential election, a number of groups have been studying the data, looking at potential

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Of course, only if it has anything to do with electo-magnetic fields. What if, seconds before your laptop began stalling, you

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