The UMPC/Origami unfolds?

The UMPC is just around the corner now…

A thing of the future…now!

YOU CAN get information on the hottest sales and promotions at the Mall while you drive by.

Yay! SPAM has gone wireless, and in my car while I’m driving! The future looks golden!

YOU CAN compare prices online while you are visiting a store and make the right decision.

Dang, the Canadian Tire 10 kilometers away is selling that chainsaw for $5 cheaper! Let’s put all this stuff back and drive over there now…


YOU CAN get GPS information while driving or walking.

And so can Microsoft. Now I’m getting scared.

YOU CAN do email, or monitor work while standing in line at the DMV or at any other place you usually got bored at waiting and wasting your time.

YOU CAN surf the internet for the latest news while cooking in the kitchen.

YOU CAN download your music, videos, TV shows, photos and email, chat, IM friends…all from a small, thin device that fits in your purse!

Wow, so I can do all those things that a smartphone or laptop does, yet it’s not quite as portable as a smartphone, and not as powerful as a laptop.

Well F me in the A. This sounds like EVERYTHING I dreamed about in a thing “from the future”. The worst of both worlds.

Ow well. Still, slap it with a PDA range price and a dirt cheap broadband data plan, and I’d consider getting suckered… erm… I’d sign up… maybe.