Babylon 5: Lost Tales production

Being a long time fan of the show Babylon 5, it’s great to know that they’re making a new series. CGSociety is doing a series of in depth articles about the production process, so being a VFX guy and a fan just makes this article all the more interesting.

From the ways in which television and film production are covered by the main stream media, one would have to assume that the Big Bang created movies out of thin air and everyone rested on the seventh day.

No problems ever seem to happen, everyone looks happy, and there’s carefree laughter in the background as reporters are told, “We were all one big, happy family” even though we know that’s not true of the majority of productions.

What holds a production together through good times and bad, is one common desire; everyone involved loves what they do, and they want to see it through, knowing they have a great deal to gain if they can create a vision that takes the audience’s breath away.

But we rarely have the opportunity to see that process up close…

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