Isohunt Suing The CRIA

Earlier this year the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) sent a Cease And Desist letter to popular torrent seach s

Garfield Minus Garfield coming to bookstores near you.

G-G is the hilarious experiment: What happens when you take Garfield out of Garfield strips? Well it turns out you get a much,

Bill C61 Gone In Seconds

The potential ‘DMCA of Canada’ has been put on life support as the federal government has called an election. Of c

Video Enhancement Using Photographs

Cool project from the University of Washington that enhances low res video by tracking with high res stills, as well as making

Rumours of Steve Jobs’ Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Stev Jobs is not dead, despite what the Bloomberg Newswire says. We have a copy of the obituary here; read it before they forc

Heavy Metal 3 directed by Snyder, del Toro and Verbinski?

They’ve all expressed interest in directing segments for the third installment of the cult classic, in this talk with Ke

Fan Expo 2008 Day 1: Through a Convention Centre, Darkly

A roundup of day one events, including video interviews with the director of Frag, the guys from and some str

Photosynth Isn’t Your Aunt’s Vacation Slideshow

Consisting of the main software and a browser plug-in, Microsoft’s Photosynth is now available for Windows users. Photo

Pure Pwnage Premiere Coverage

Shot during the premiere of Pure Pwnage episodes 17 and 18 in Toronto, includes an interview with Jarett (aka Jeremy – t

Bell Canada should be smashed up like Ma Bell in the US!

Bell wants to charge its wholesale customers usage-based-billing (UBB). This throws a new wrinkle in the relationship between

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