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bionic antboy

While progress continues on The Practical Dead, I’ve also started work on another web comic project, Bionic Antboy, which you can check out at


the practical dead

While work elsewhere is still ongoing (see and, I’ve launched a new web comic called The Practical Dead, made in collaboration with RGB cohort and drinking buddy Ryan Fox.  Creating it has been a...


visit rgbFilter

Hey all, although I plan on keeping alive, and hope to update it with portfolio stuff, my energy has been focused on for a while. I highly recommend you check it out....


God2.0 Comic series

As it says at the top of the site, most of my time is spent over at One of the projects we’re working on is a web comic, and you can check it...

Jumping The Gun: an editorial

Jumping The Gun: an editorial

What do the Tiger Woods incident, the Black Screen of Death story, the Apple Tablet and Arriana Huffington squaring off against Rupert Murdoch all have in common? They highlight examples of why, whether you...

rgbFilter 017 – Drag Me to Cells

rgbFilter 017 – Drag Me to Cells

The latest episode of the rgbFilter podcast… If you were planning on upgrading to a new smart phone this summer, we recommend that you give a listen to the mobile section of this episode...

Canada Pirate Haven?

Canada Pirate Haven?

Today marks the first time that the United States has marked Canada as a ‘priority’ problem in the fight against intellectual property theft. This puts the largest trading partner of the US in the...