Blood Empires

When director Peter Rajesh Joachim and lead actor/producer Stevie Jay first approached us about Blood Empires, it couldn’t have been better timing. We had just finished upgrading our finishing suite.

A project like Blood Empires, a feature film looking for color grading and VFX, would be the perfect project to break in the new suite.

Beyond a color grade to unify the footage, I tweaked the look to get a more moody feel. The film also has some subtle effects in it, including doing simulated muzzle flashes. In particular, a sequence with three types of guns firing, all in slow motion, presented a unique challenge.

In early 2017, Blood Empires made its way to Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, X Box, and Sony PlayStation.

As a bonus, Blood Empires was entered into the Macabre Faire Film Festival, and the team asked us to produce the poster. We were fortunate enough to win the “Best Poster” award.

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