Microsoft Origami – data plan?

A lot has appeared about Microsoft’s Origami in the past few days. Engadget has a pretty good round up, and links, so he

Cheap Wacom Mod

My cheap Wacom pen mod, step by step. 1. Lose the plastic rocker that provides right and middle mouse clicking on a Wacom pen.

YTMND Mosaic made from first 100,000 ytmnds

Sean Connery made up of the first 100,000 ytmnds ever made. Apparently the JPG was 4GB! read more | digg story

Just a note or two…

Just a few quick notes. Over lunch, I added a feedburner feed, which can be seen at the top of the right hand column, which sh

It’s the end of the world… we hope!

As a follow up to my previous post of Harper’s 1997 speech, I figured I should provide a link to the group he was talkin

Why exactly are people voting for Harper again?

Oh yeah. Because they want to “Stand Up For Canada”. Too bad Stephen Harper doesn’t. Though this is an old s

Spyware hell

A friend’s laptop recently got infected with a bunch of nasty code. How, I’m not sure, it could have been the WMF

Pure Pwnage Pwns n00bs!

I just had to add a link to my fave vidcast of the moment… Pure Pwnage It’s the powerful story of a powerful gamer

An (almost) Universal Video Codec?

A universal video codec? That would be like a holy grail, especially for the growing vidcast/IPTV/term of the week video movem

Pics of Negroponte’s $100 Laptop

I like it. I’d buy one for $300, if it means $200 goes to the cause! read more | digg story

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