Cellphone radiation? Phffft!

Ever since the cellphone has become ubiquitous, so have reports about the dangers of cellphone radiation, with mixed results. Either we’re going to see a global pandemic of brain tumors over the next couple of decades, or not.

In the same vein, the newer WiMAX technology, which allows for (among other things) long-range wireless internet access, seems to be an even bigger threat, if this Inquirer article (UK not National), is to be believed.

within hours of the WiMAX base-station being activated, local hospital emergency services received calls from residents with compaints ranging from sharp headaches and difficulty breathing, blurry vision, and, according to a report, two cases of heart arrhythmia.

The sufferers’ symptoms are said to have subsided after they moved away from the base-station.

Now, I’m all for wireless access everywhere, and am glad that my hometown is doing it starting this fall, but let’s just hope they stick with good old WiFi for now.