E3 Microsoft keynote – Canadians left out of online media

When are we going to get an online service like Netflix? Are you listening zip.ca? read more | digg story

Toronto iPhone launch turns into a debacle

FIRSTLY I would like to point out that I am angered by the fact that Rogers quickly turned what should have been an event for

Toronto, Canada, iphone launch line up, LIVE

rgbFilter is LIVE on the scene at the line-up at the Yonge and Dundas Rogers Plus store in Toronto, where at 8am there will be

The Great Canadian Telecom Duopoly Roundup

It’s the semi-weekly Great Canadian Telecom (GCT) Roundup, taking a look at what’s happened in Bell and Rogers are doing l

CONFIRMED: Apple Retail Stores in Canada NOT carrying iPhone

If you want an iPhone in Canada, Rogers and Fido are the only places to get one. I say wait for Telus and the HTC Diamond, or

Canadians to Broadcasters “We Want our Web TV”

More people are going to the Internet for their TV content. But how are they getting it? Survey says… “any way the

Why Did Xandros Acquired Linspire?

In short… to keep the Asus cash flowing. Xandros is the EEE’s default OS, and if Xandros integrates Linspire’

Nvidia CUDA Toolkit Now Available

The CUDA Toolkit is now available for for most operatings systems, including the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista and X

Besting the iPhone Deal In Canada

Personally, I’m no fan of Bell, but $7 for 3G data on a HTC Touch is certainly a viable option. And remember, Rogers nev

rgbfilter.com eats my time

A new project that I’ve been working on with some friends is finally coming to fruition. That would be rgbfilter.com and

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