Canadian ISPs to Bell: Cease and Desist!

After Bell Canada put the choke hold on their bandwidth, independent Canadian ISPs have sent a cease and desist request to Can

Hadron Collider Injunction Sought – Head Crab Fears

Just in case something bad does happen when Black Mesa… I mean the LRC… is fired up, I’ll be keeping a crowbar handy. It

Net Neutrality Perfect Storm, eh!

Bell Sympatico’s decision to throttle torrents, even at the wholesale level, combined with the CBC distributing televisi

Nine Inch Nails and the Pirate Bay

Last week, Nine Inch Nails released Ghosts I, part of the 36 track Ghosts I-IV for free, under a Creative Commons licence. It&

Niagara Falls Tailrace

I’ve always had a bit of interest with urban spelunking, and when I was younger used to do a bit myself. Of course, I wa

Holiday Wrap

Holiday Wrap – Celebrity bloopers here Asphalt Potato is back this Christmas with a rap for the season. Seasons Greeting

Tis the Season… for haunting.

With Halloween just around the corner, I just thought I’d post some well-wishes for the best season of the year, and sha

Fair Vote Canada

For those who follow my occasional ramblings, it should be clear that I’m interested in politics (sometimes ‘para&

The Lure of Conventional Wisdom

Recently, the New Scientist published an article online entitled “The lure of the conspiracy theory”. (You’l

The most important petition ever…

Sure, you could spend your hard earned seconds adding your signature any number of causes, but if there’s only ONE Space

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